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MicroStreaming fuels a more productive content creation workflow

MicroStreaming is a form of live production which can eliminate post production requirements yet still provide valuable marketing videos with real production value. PTZOptics has pioneered this new technique and has now released a free video series introducing the main topics of interest. In this video series you can learn about how to create amazing marketing videos that will stand out, create leads and generate demand for your organization!

 PTZOptics “MicroStreaming” approach pulls from effective sales principles and applies live streaming technologies to a new innovative workflow. “Using a green screen with virtual sets allows marketing teams the ability to place their next video anywhere in the world! We seemlessly switch between various scenes to make our videos more powerful” says Paul Richards Dir of Business Development at PTZOptics. “So many customers have asked how we make our marketing videos that we decided to create a complete YouTube Series on the subject and coin the process MicroStreaming”.

Learn how to deliver a hook, line and sinker during a MicroStream and you’ll be amazed how effective video marketing can become. Microstreaming is a new way of producing content live without the need for post production. We teach you how to create top notch marketing videos that will generate leads for your company without the need of expensive video equipment and timely post production.

The world is changing… Here are the Business Drivers


When Salesforce.com published the above statistic describing the business value for video views and sales personnel time valuation; we knew things were going to change. Everything from on-demand video content to live streaming webinars on-demand content is becoming a central focus for advertising and marketing initiatives in businesses of all sizes. The entire industry is embracing video for the simple reasons stated above. Customers are researching online for the majority of their decision making process. One recent study on Slideshare.net unveiled that 90% of customer research time is spent online before a sales representative was contacted. Both consumer and B2B purchasing decisions are being influenced by on-demand video. Whether you decide to leverage YouTube’s dominance in the video search arena or simply want to add a series of videos to your existing website MicroStreaming is a great DIY solution.


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